• security in the form of sluices, which constitute a hermetic barrier separating the clean zone for hospital medical personnel from the so-called dirty, infectious zone. They consist of 2 hermetic sluices separated by three pairs of sealed doors with underpressure inside, preventing pathogens from entering the outside. Additionally, one of the sluice is equipped with a mat emitting IR and UV radiation, which has a virucidal effect and effectively protects against the entry of pathogens into the clean zone of the hospital. The sluice ensures the safety of all persons by protecting patients and medical staff against contact with air contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms.

• the Bep Medcomport remote communication system used ensures constant monitoring of vital signs, video monitoring, paging system, the possibility of two-way audio and video communication with each patient without having to enter the infectious zone.

• supply and exhaust ventilation ensuring the highest standards of air purity in the room and outside through 12-fold air exchange within 1 hour, the use of laminar diffusers and HEPA filters of the highest class H14 for the supply and exhaust of isolation air.

• The waiting room is equipped with the Fever Gate thermal imaging system – face recognition and initial measurement of patients’ entry temperature at hand disinfection. The temperature measurement is automatically sent to the monitoring center where medical personnel can immediately take appropriate action when the temperature norm is exceeded.

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