Disinfection fogger PureFog 7

It is a portable device for disinfecting rooms by fogging. We also offer our own liquid for disinfecting with the fogging method – PureFog Spray. Thanks to this, we can easily and quickly disinfect rooms, building corridors, vehicles, as well as building entrances and public places – also in the open air.

Our preparation is based on biodegradable hydrogen peroxide. Dry fog with a size of about a few microns reaches hard-to-reach places thanks to a strong air stream with the fog containing the preparation. The advantage of our solution is speed, no deposits and does not affect corrosion.

Our liquid sprayed to the level of the fog does not destroy electronic equipment located in hospital rooms, ICU departments, emergency department and other places with medical equipment.

A device is equipped with a turbine with a capacity of 0.4 l / min, stream range – up to 10 m from the diffuser. The device has an additional manually controlled flexible pipe with a diffuser, thanks to which we can use the device to disinfect air conditioning, ventilation ducts and hard-to-reach places where it is necessary to manually direct the stream with a disinfecting mist.


Video about our solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2sEtslnFMo

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