KN95 masks are effective protection for the upper respiratory tract both for people who show signs of infection (e.g. colds or coughs) and for healthy people who want to protect themselves against infection.

They prevent the spread of germs and protect against harmful particles of pathogenic bacteria or viruses in the air. At the same time, they are comfortable to use. Thanks to the lightweight construction and construction made of pleasant to the skin material, wearing them is not burdensome and does not cause discomfort. The edges perfectly adhering to the face provide high
protection, and thanks to the built-in stiffener, a light space is created inside the mask, which allows you to easily move your lips.

The KN95 mask also protects a healthy person by limiting touching of the face: mouth or nose with the hand to which the virus can be transmitted. Protective masks help reduce hand contact with the skin of the face, which increases protection against infection.

The KN95 symbol means that they filter 95% of impurities. The mask can be conveniently folded in half, which facilitates storage when it is not used without compromising the structure.
Fastening with elastic bands makes it universal and can be used by men as well as women and children.

The protective standard KN95 is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Certified goods, admitted to trading, have CE marking.

By choosing the KN95 mask you provide yourself and your surroundings with additional protection.

The high-quality KN95 protective mask guarantees 95% efficiency, ensuring perfect protection.

Advantages of the mask

  • A high-quality filter cartridge with advanced microfibers helps facilitate exhalation and inhalation.
  • The headband with two-point attachment ensures perfect attachment of the mask to the user's ears.
  • Adjustable nose clips ensure a perfect fit to the user's face and ensure better mask tightness and eliminate the effect of fogging the glasses.
  • The lightweight design improves the comfort of use.
  • CE certificate.
  • Effective protection for 4-5h wearing 95% efficiency. Filtering 95% of impurities, viruses and bacteria.
  • 5 layers of protection.


Material anti-bacterial non-woven fabric
Mounting with elastic bands
Size 150x105mm
Color: white


7,49 PLN plus VAT

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