The station consists of a 3-stage water purification system through the use of 3 filters and biological water treatment (disinfection) through a filter with a UV lamp.

Stage I – a filter that filters water from mechanical (sedimentation) impurities. The filter removes from the water small fractions of solid impurities (sludge, sludge, etc.) larger than 20 microns.

Stage II – active bed insert for iron removal of water. It effectively retains iron compounds dissolved in water. Contains special fine-grained granules with high iron ion capture capacity.

III Degree – a granulated carbon cartridge removes chlorine and its derivatives from water, further improves its taste and smell.

Biological water treatment, i.e. to get rid of all bacteria, microorganisms and microorganisms, is done using a UV lamp filter. The light generated by her freely penetrates the flowing water. Strong ultraviolet rays eliminate all microbes, viruses found in the liquid.

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