A 3-person isolation room is a room intended for temporary isolation of 3 patients with infectious
diseases in order to prevent transmission of the biological pathogen to other people.
The air pressure prevailing there in relation to the environment is designed to protect patients and
medical staff from contact with air contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms.
Each isolation room is equipped with:

  • supply and exhaust ventilation ensuring the highest standards of air cleanliness in the room
    and outside through 12-fold air exchange within 1 hour, the use of laminar diffusers and
    HEPA filters of the highest class H14 for supply and exhaust of isolation air.
  • bathroom fully adapted for use by the disabled, including a toilet, a shower with a ramp for a
    medical wheelchair for the disabled, a sink with a battery operated without contact with the
    hand, and an additional dispenser with a disinfectant and a pool disinfector

security in the form of a lock, ensuring the so-called clean hospital from the so-called dirty. It ensures
the maintenance of negative pressure in the isolation zone, which is a protective barrier for patients
and staff and minimizes the risk of contamination of technical staff and bystanders. The sluice is
equipped with: a washbasin with a battery operated without contact with the hand, space for clothes
with separation of clean and dirty clothes, a liquid soap dispenser, a disinfectant dispenser activated

without contact with the hand, a container with disposable towels and a container for used towels,
lockable container for dirty laundry.
an innovative patient monitoring system ensuring the transmission of all diagnostic parameters in
the online system to the monitoring center. This solution ensures constant medical supervision over
the patient with a reduction in the number of direct contacts between patients and medical staff.
The system is additionally enriched with paging devices for patients.

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