Nasze obiekty szpitalne zbudowane z poszczególnych modułów kontenerowych są samowystarczalne w zaopatrzenie w energię elektryczną, produkcję czystej uzdatnionej wody, zasilenie w gazy medyczne oraz w odprowadzenie ścieków

Our hospital facilities built from individual container modules are self-sufficient in electricity supply, clean treated water production, medical gas supply and sewage disposal through:

  • ENERGY WAREHOUSE AND POWER GENERATOR – connection to the municipal power supply, but also a container power generator, LED lighting, low energy consumption, drinking water, photovoltaic and energy storage option.
  • WATER TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION STATION – consists of a 3-stage water purification system by using 3 filters and biological water treatment (disinfection) through a filter with a UV lamp.
  • FAN AND MEDICAL GAS WAREHOUSE – an additional container where the central ventilation and air conditioning system for the hospital is located. It is also a room for storing medical and technical gases such as: oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, compressed air for the needs of the entire hospital facility.
  • CONCENTRATORY – OWN OXYGEN PROCEDURE – room with an oxygen production device (concentrator) for the hospital. An oxygen concentrator is a device that concentrates and filters oxygen obtained from the environment, thanks to which it becomes an infinite source of this element in a form ready for administration to the patient.
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